The Hebrew white wash-YHWH the Pagan God with his wife Asherah

Judaism, Christianity, Islam, etc. all of their foundational beliefs, holy practices & fascinating stories ORIGINATED from EITHER ancient Sumerology, Egyptology, Astrology, Astronomy, Mythology, EVEN from other OLDER/UNPOPULAR religions/mythologies. these common beliefs & practices existed 1000’s of years long BEFORE your religion/mythology was INVENTED. it may not be EXACTLY the same thing but we can see where the IDEAS came from & evolved thanks to ANCIENT HIS-STORY…out of all the religions in the world the Abrahamic ones are the WORST, they are a gigantic MESS. myths mixed myths, fabrications deliberately written into his-story & forced upon poor uneducated illiterate people

Yahweh is a pagan God & the Torah contains the Sumerian story called the Epic Of Gilgamesh and a lot of other ancient stories & mythologies from various cultures/civilizations…Yahweh/El/Elohim/El Shaddai/El Elyon/Asherah/Baal are Pagan Gods & their so-called Semitic/Asiatics/Canaanites/Hebrew Prophets were first Pagans/Polytheistics

Pharaoh Akhenaten (Egypt) and Zarathustra/Zoroaster (Persia) we’re the unrelated pioneers of Monotheism, not the mythical Abraham